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Royal Family KIDS Camp fosters resiliency, self-esteem, hope and positive memories. The camp curriculum and activities are woven through the modality of Trust-Based Relational Intervention to ensure our children are experiencing truly life giving activities throughout the 5-day experience.

At RFK Camp our campers receive one-on-one attention from safe, caring adults modeling a non-violent, positive way of life as an alternative to many of the negative, abusive situations which children of abuse and neglect have faced. For one week, instead of operating in survival mode, they can just be kids. With crafts, woodworking, birthday parties, music, dress up and much more, these kids can feel “normal” and once again dream, believe and find new hope for their future.

Our Wilsonville camp has been serving kids in the Portland Metro area since 2006. Each summer we bless up to 36 campers and are staffed completely by volunteers who give a week of their summer to invest in the lives of these children. This camp is provided at no cost to the child, the foster care family or the State and is purely funded through private donations and grants.

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"I really wanted to go to a camp that really got me. Where I could share my thoughts, feelings, and friendships too. One that would take me even with all of my issues and anger and anxiety. Royal Family KIDS Camp is a place where everyone is equally the same. This camp is like no other camp anyone will go to and I'll never forget all the amazing experiences and memories that were made there. I would love to say thank you for all that you have done for me. I can't wait to be a counselor there some day."

- Graduated Camper

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